Jang Nara – 천애지아 lyrics ( Dong Yi OST )



저 하늘위 눈물로 그린
바람의 속삭임

고운 그 빛 따라가
그 속에 잠든다

그리움 다 가진 그곳은
아련한 기억 속 그 곳은
들꽃처럼 사라져 버리는
하늘 꽃 그리움들

노을아 노을아
하 늘을 내려라
꿈길 가득 부르는 소리
노을아 노을아
별빛도 울려 날아라

노을아 노을아
하늘을 내려라
꿈길 가득 부르는 소리
노을아 노을아
별빛도 울려 날아라

그리움 닿는다.
꿈길을 걷는다.


jeo haneur wi nunmullo geurin baramui soksagim
gubigubi ttaraga geu soge jamdeunda

geurium dahajin geugoseun aryeonhan gieoksog geugoseun
deulkkoccheoreom sarajyeo beorineun haneur kkoc geuriumdeul

neora neora haneuri naeryeora kkumgir gadeug heureuneun sori
neora neora byeolbicdo ollyeo narara
geurium datneunda kkumgireur geotneunda

English Translation:

The green sky above, the winds whispering of tears
Fall asleep in along winding road

Yearning for a place that looked vaguely in memory
Lke the wildflowers that disappear and the longing for the sky that lay

You, you are the sky that filled with flowing dream
You, you are the star that raise and fly
Yearning to walk in the closed dreamy road

Credits: Hangul: music.cyworld.com

roman&english: princess-chocolates.blogspot.com


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  1. hi. Thanx for ths. I like dong yi drama.
    We all in kurdistan region of iraq watching dong yi drama.
    Thanx again for the lyrics and translation
    Nice and sweet words i liked it. . . . .btn

  2. foarte tare melodia dar ar trebui sa_i arate si traducerea in romana. mie imi place foarte mult refrenul kare in romana suna cam asa:”ASFINTIT ASFINTIT COBOARA CERUL PE MINE CA UN ECOU AL GANDURILOR MELE ” super. iubesc această melodie.

  3. Thanks for uploading, i cant get my mind out of this melody this is a very nice song i Loveeeeeee it… congrats to team dong yi 🙂

  4. .i love dong yi . i always dream of it’s magical place . magical beliefs and on it’s magical persons who lives in it,.

  5. .one of my favorite korean song..i really love to sing that song! ..there are times dat n0 matter how took it so much to memorize that song..i just want to sing it perfectly…(laugh) more power dongyi cast!

  6. I realy realy like DONG YI iam From Philippines I want to Go where Dong Yi is !
    Plss Give me some Requirement for Airport To See Dong yi In Korea Plsss Add Me at Fb Khakha Bernarte

  7. Dongyi nice actually especially sukjung together king and prince
    I always really nice track Dongyi from part 1 to the end I still do not pass

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