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Girl’s Day – Female President

Girl's Day 1st Album Repackaged
Track list:
1.Girl’s Day World (Intro)
2.Female President (여자 대통령)
3.Expectation (기대해)
4.Don’t Mind
5.Easy Go
6.Don’t Trust Her (그녀를 믿지마)
7.White Day
8.Oh, Great! (어쩜 좋아)
9.Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝)
10.Hug Me Once (한번만 안아줘)
11.Oh! My God
12.Don’t Forget Me (나를 잊지마요)
13.Female President (Instrumental) (여자 대통령)

Sistar – Give It To Me [2nd Album] Lyrics

[Album] Sistar - Give It To Me [VOL. 2]
Track List:
01. Miss Sistar (feat.이단옆차기, 주헌)
02. Give it to me
03. 넌 너무 야해 (The Way You Make Me Melt) (feat.긱스)
04. 바빠 (Bad Boy)
05. Summer Time
06. 일주일 (A Week)
07. Crying
08. Hey You
09. If U Want
10. 핑글핑글 (Up And Down)
11. Give it to me (Inst.)